New Potato Salad.

Jersey New Potatoes , lovely.

I am not sure if Jersey New Potatoes should ever be dressed with anything other than fresh Mint and Butter.

Anyway as it is i have some Feta Cheese that needs to be used so I am dressing the freshly boiled potatoes in…

2 Teaspoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Teaspoon of White wine Vinegar

Quater of a Teaspoon of Sea salt

Good Squeeze of Lemon Juice

A few Sprigs of Mint finely chopped

Mix all of the above together

Boil the New Potatoes and cool, cut into desired sizes.

Dice half a Packet of Feta Cheese.

Coat the potatoes in the dressing and just before serving add in the diced Feta Cheese.


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