A positive Vegetarian Pregnancy.

I completely loved being pregnant, but, as usual this gave people yet another reason to question my Vegetarian diet.

I had people suggest to me that this was time for me to eat meat and that not doing so would be detrimental to my health.
Well, actually in my opinion a Vegetarian diet is perfect for pregnancy and i most certainly have a very healthy baby boy.

I was never anaemic during my pregnancy, again, I was told that I would become anaemic by meat eating folk (who of course did not enquired how i maintained a healthy diet).

The other positive things that I experienced are from a vanity point of view that i have not one stretchmark, i believe because my diet did not cause me to put on too much weight .

My Sister also gave me her secret potion recipe for avoiding stretchmarks which is simply…………..

Almond oil mixed with a few drops of Lavender oil, rubbed into the skin each night.
Ahhhhh smells divine too!!

And like I said not one stretch mark, and i am back into my pre-pregnancy jeans the day after I gave birth!!


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