My Vegetarian baby.

I am bringing up my baby as a vegetarian, however initially it was not easy. I was gutted I could not breastfeed solely as it was my preference but without putting myself on a guilt trip about this (again) I will now have a rant.

Baby formula milk, in my opinion should not be riddled in fish oils!

therefore people whom wish to raise their baby as a vegetarian have three options.

Soy based baby milk- thus bringing their baby up as a Vegan.

Goats milk baby formula or thank the lord their was SMA Hungry milk and Follow on formula!!

How stupid that they are the only options.

We went through the exciting times of trying puree foods etc and fast forward the little tyke is tucking in quite nicely to finger foods.

I am quite interested in Baby Led Weaning so i leave him with foods on his tray to eat .

The Vegetarian foods he feeds himself at 10 months old are…

Cheesey lentil wedges.

Jacket Potato wedges with cheese.

Frittata with pepper and Tomato

Pinto bean Chilli and rice

Cauliflower and potato curry (very mild) and rice

Baby sized sandwichs with ……

mashed banana

Primula cheese spread rather than dairylea as their seems to be less rubbish in it.

grated cheese and cucumber/tomato


My one hope was I do not want a fussy baby/child with eating so I introduced tastes such as garlic and textures such as beans as soon as I could.

So far so good.


One thought on “My Vegetarian baby.

  1. Luckily my two were weaned just before they started adding flipping fish oils to baby milk! I have always cooked with herbs and spices, and despite going through a fussy phase when they were toddlers, my kids now eat a pretty adventurous range of veggie food.

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