Honestly Healthy Cook Book

My eagerly awaited delivery of Honestly Healthy book came yesterday. I stumbled on this book randomly whilst searching for red rice on Amazon! It is a healthy way of eating but is different in that you ‘Eat with your body in mind, the alkaline way’.
I had already visited their website Honestly Healthy and was delighted to see some recipes .
I ordered the ingredients from Abel and Cole and set to making the……
Carrot and Halloumi patties

They are delicious and my Toddler loved them too!

I also made some Granola bars a delicious salad with mango in it and the Chickpea and Sweet Potato Stew I served it with Red rice and had Organic mixed bean sprouts that I had ordered from abel and cole.
To say I feel very pleased with myself is an understatement! My healthy halo is polished, dare I say it I feel better today. Is it possible that eating the alkaline way could have immediate effects? It’s a lovely recipe book and the fact that I was inspired to make three dishes on the day I received it says a lot! Honestly Healthy is written by Natasha Corret and Vicki Edgson

This is what I made….



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