Kaushy Patel offers up veggie dishes with real zing in Prashad


Cookbook review: Kaushy Patel’s Prashad cookbook takes you through exactly how her delicious meals are put together, although to get the most out of the book’s varied chapters, you’ll need to stop at an Indian grocer’s.

Having come to England from northern India in 1966 without speaking a word of English, Kaushy Patel isn’t the sort of woman to be alarmed by Gordon Ramsay . 

In 2010, Prashad, the Bradford restaurant she runs with her family, was runner-up in Ramsay’s Best Restaurant on Channel 4.

A cookery book was perhaps the inevitable result of being on the TV but Prashad feels like a hand-me-down recipe file stuffed with  Gujarati gems. Some are from Patel’s beloved grandmother and others, such as the spicy sweetcorn, are recipes that the family cook for each other – there’s a story attached to most of them.

To get the most out of the book’s chapters…

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