Full cupboard syndrome!

I have been having a little think to myself, and have finally admitted to myself I have ‘full food cupboard syndrome’.
It’s silly and unnecessary but I keep on piling food into cubhoard and the fridge and the freezer I even long to own a big walk in pantry * drool*…. Oops STOP me!!!
So today I haven’t been to the shops and filled up a trolley with food I ‘think’I need. Instead I have looked at the food I have and made a list of what I can make out of it…. Loads of lovely stuff!!
I have only one person to blame for this ( in a lovely way) it’s that Jack Munroe lady!! I should imagine most know her by now her blog is agirlcalledjack.com
She is truly inspiring!


2 thoughts on “Full cupboard syndrome!

    • Hi cliff! I have since made a second one! My partner made me a stand out of pallets so its at a better level. I will need to add more ‘cob’ as it will retain heat for when there is a few of us waiting hungrily for pizzas!!! I couldn’t be without mine! People love it and its so simple to make 🙂 keep me informed!

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