Cheesy garlic spiced polenta kievs

I have had a packet of polenta in my cupboard for sometime and hadn’t a clue what to do with it.
This evening I decided to do something with it so I have invented a recipe that is full of possibility!
The polenta Kiev is born……

I softened a red chilli and a clove of garlic in olive oil and at the last moment I added a tablespoon of rosemary. I put it aside.

I then put 800mls of water to boil in a pan and added 150 g of Polenta slowly.
Once thickened I added generous amount of salt and black pepper and 100g of cheddar cheese and the chilli mixture I mixed it all together and then on a flat surface I spread out the mixture.
I left it to cool and then made a mixture for the filling.
I used one Mozzarella ball and broke it up into a bowl I added a clove of garlic and butter.
I used a quarter of the polenta and put on a flat circle . Put a spoon of the mozzarella mixture into the centre and then encase the mozzarella with the polenta avoiding any cracks. I made three large kievs.
I then covered the kievs in a beaten egg and coated with dry polenta to make a crumb.
This is how they look as I have cooked them after dark the photo doesn’t do them justice!
I will put them in the oven later I might cover them in tin foil as I am sure the middle might run out!



2 thoughts on “Cheesy garlic spiced polenta kievs

    • When I make them next time I will make them into smaller balls,and I hate to be unhealthy but my guess is deep frying them would make them superb!
      And to counter balance the frying serve with some really fresh leaves/ sharp salad.
      The kievs are very very flavoursome!!!
      Let me know if you have any ideas 🙂

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