It’s all gone bonkers!

Just a little update….
I have neglected MY blog but I have been enjoying reading many! My favourite at the moment is Jack Munroe

Other stuff….
I am in the process of buying my next property (this ‘things to do when you are forty’ post gone mad ) it’s thatched and wonderful.
Well it will be when someone loves it…
It has that feeling that it desperately needs someone to love it.
For example the en suite bathroom has the most awful bright blue bathroom. A little kindly painted Farrow and Ball in the right places will transform it and compliment those slate floors.
It has a bidet….. No idea what to do with it.
Now here comes the fun bit….. I am furnishing this property on a shoe string. The fees of buying a property take priority.
I have had to ‘change my ways’ I have learned to enjoy stuff second hand.
Yes, I said SECOND HAND!
*drum Roll*
I have become nicely addicted to freecycle you can give and take. Seriously!
I have wombled an undercounter free fridge freezer to go into our new home. In return we gave some of our eggs from our lovely chickens!
The undercounter fridge freezer is perfectly clean And in working order. Free.
My other wish was a Chesterfield sofa …I bagged a leather shabby chic one in a local area for hardly anything.
I can’t wait to have a few moments to offer a few items for free back to others……
So rather than send your bits and pieces to the tip or feel cluttered…. Pass them on to freecycle and let someone collect them……..One mans rubbish is another’s gold…….save our landfill too 🙂 #mummywomble


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