I will not waste your time, a moment of waffle from me stops you making this…….. GO!!!!!!

A mug of brown rice and a bit in case will serve two lovely people 🙂
Fry light or oil which ever floats your boat.
Spring onions (I used big fat ones x 4)
Chopped up.
Green pepper chopped up
X3 garlic cloves chopped up.
14 cherry tomatoes and passata or tomato juice.
I tsp of chilli powder
1.5 Paprika
1 tin of black beans
Cheddar cheese
Black pepper

Firstly boil the brown rice.
Then gently fry the spring onion, garlic and green pepper.
Once soft add the tomatoes and squish them with a fork. I added tomato juice to make it less thick.add the Paprika and chilli and salt and pepper. Add the black beans and simmer for a little while and then add in the rice and mix it all together. Serve into bowls and sprinkle with cheddar and fresh coriander 🙂

Add wedges of lime and coriander:)



Delicious!! As you can imagine 🙂


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