Vegan soul soup

This soup was an accident, my little girl fancied soup for tea …. and why not?

This soup as it says makes your soul go aaahhhh and all your troubles will sail away for those moments.

It’s cheap to keep too…..

If you fancy an hour in a soup soul cloud…. here goes…. ( believe me it will happen)

Get yourself

1 Onion finely chopped (ish)

1 Leek finely chopped (ish)

3 sticks of celery finely chopped (ish)

A mug of yellow split peas

A very small bit of fresh ginger finely chopped.

1 stock cube

Hot water

Salt as you fancy …

Fresh chopped parsley

Hello, you fancy making this…. I don’t blame you …. it’s going to go viral with Vegans for sure, just watch 🐵

All I say is try this and give me a bit of feedback 🙂

So I gently softened an onion in oil, with celery and leek until soft .

Then add the yellow split peas with plenty of hot water, boil and then turn down and cover.

When the yellow split peas start to soften add the stock.

Keep checking if you need to add more water.

Once the yellow split peas are soft mash any formed split peas into a liquid , or liquidise.

Then add seasoning to taste and add fresh parsley finely chopped ….

I leave it for an hour to have a party, and then ….. serve into a mug and add your favourite bread…. feel healed 💜💜💜

Chickenless soup for the soul

Well, well,well what have we got here then?
I have made a delicious soup that you will just love!!!
I have been ever so jealous of all these claims that chicken soup is one of the best things to love, nurture and heal the soul.
Well hold back on those chickens folks this one really is soothing soul food!!
Surprise is it actually is very, very chicken flavoured without a chicken anyway near it!
The story is……
I had sweet corn in my veg box a couple of weeks on the trot due to life being a bit rocky I haven’t been making the most of my veg box. I really felt a bit sorry for them all golden and lovely so decided there was only one thing…. Soup!

What I did….
Gently softened 3 little onions
I then scraped the corn off of 4 corn cobs and added to the onions. I added a cup full of yellow split peas boiled water and then simmered until the yellow split peas were soft.
I then added 2 veggie stock cubes cooked for a but longer and then blitzed it in the food processor.
The ‘chicken’ flavour is quite astonishing and the soup is lovely! My only wish is that I had used really fresh corn as I am sure the texture would be smoother!!!


Jam Jar Cottage doors open…..

Jam Jar Cottage is the world in my head, it is born out of my exhaustion of life in the faster lane.

One of my hobbies is eating lovely wholesome vegetarian food, so hand in hand with that is my usual enjoyment of browsing the shelves of the supermarket for ideas or new products or filling up my trolly with those comforting usual favorites.

What with being five weeks away from having my first baby and feeling less enthusiastic than my usual self about shopping and lately the cost of shopping due to the rise in VAT and fuel prices i am to be honest over it!

My new found happiness this week has become not going to the shops and still managing to eat tasty vegetarian cuisine.

So yesterday i forraged into the depths of my fridge and cupboards to look for some wholesome inspiration.

Lunch was quite simple i found a forgotton packet of potato cakes and toasted them with lovely butter on the top.

There is no bread in the house, i would make some but i have recently been through the kitchen cubhoards and thrown all the half packets of flour out, along with tons of jars of jam with a tiny bit of jam left at the bottom, tossed aside and forgotton replaced by the new jar fresh from the supermarket trolley…..hence why i have named the house Jam Jar Cottage.

My first days avoidance of the shops finds me some in desperate need of using up vegetables, I decide that actually a leek some celery, a small bit of broccoli and some celeriac and four mushrooms might actually work as something…..


1 Leek chopped up

2 Half a celeriac chopped up

3 sticks of celery chopped up

4 1 red onion chopped up

5 Alpro soya cream

6 Vegetable Stock cube

Olive Oil

Gently fry the Leek , Onion and Celery and after about five miniuts add the celeriac and heat through.

Add about a pint of hot water and a stock cube, boil and then simmer until the celeriac is soft.

Add soya cream and stir through and then either blend or mash the soup to make it smoother.

Season with salt and pepper according to taste.