These fritters are gorgeous! whats even better is they are simple and quick to make and there are endless posibillitys of flavours!
These happen to be Vegan/ vegetarian.
They are made with gram flour batter made with 50g of flour mixed with 100mls pf water.
I used cooked broccoli and red leiceter cheese for one flavour, and sweetcorn for the other and both had spring onion and chive.
gently fried on a medium heat for 10 mins and my little boy enjoyed them with a dollop of ketchup!
these are going to be great for campervan cooking! tin of sweetcorn to had and a bag of flour! really chuffed with these 🙂 sneaky way to get healthy veg and chickpea goodness into my boy!
Gorgeous cold too (nice to find a little snack in the fridge)
being a bit of a spice monster i willl be making a chilli head one of some discription!

Roasted Spiced potato wedges

I love these wedged potatoes! I am a bit of a spice monster and I love fresh chillies! so all in all this is a great little addition to a meal, and infact during this pregnancy i have just had a bowl of theese wedges and served with melted grated cheese over the top and small bowls of both Guacamole and Sour cream and chive dip with some slices of good quality tomatoes