Courgette and butter bean fritters 🌱

I have made a very simple little snack! I had high hopes for this and it hasn’t disappointed me.

At this time of year vegetable growers are proudly plucking the last of their crops, giving away gluts of this and that.

Well if you have searched and found this look no further!

This is a very cheap recipe if things are a bit tight, or you are a scrooge.

You will need…..

A tin of butter beans

2 small or one large courgette or a fancy pants one if you so do wish, grate it finely and squeeze excess water off.

Herbs and spices of your choice

(I used ….

fresh coriander

Crushed coriander seeds

Cumin seed

Garam masala


Chick pea flour

And added chilli powder and a chillies finely chopped to half of the mix as my children are not chillie heads yet!

I mushed up the butter beans with a fork and mixed in the rest of the ingredients.

Made into little patties and coated in chick pea flour.

If you have time put them in the fridge.

Shallow fry the fritters for about five minutes. Turning each side.


Ugh Shopping!!

Yesterday I had to go shopping,and in my mind i thought it was for a few bits only, utilising what i already had in the house planning what to eat but without saying which day to eat it.
I Had a good idea that i might just spend £50. for the weeks food………….. Erm nope i have a lot to learn it seems!!
My shopping came to £99.00.
Am i turning into a meanie I ask? Erm yes I am.
My beat the shops attitude might not be so bad afterall… follows my excuses to how come i spent so much!!

Part of that was three Easter eggs of a costly amount of £11.00 BAH HUMBUG!! And actually there was two bottles of a lovely Red wine for £10.00.

Thus Our food shopping for one week is…£78.00.
That is for 2 adults, one child, one dog and 3 cats!! Is this really so bad i ask?? My fruit bowl and vegetable stock is high i have all the cereals and pastas and rice i need and now I am stocked in bread making flour.
I do not normally ask people about the cost of their weekly shopping, i might start paying attention whilst waiting at the till!!