Leftover cauliflower and chickpea curry becomes a tasty Biriyani! 

Well you know that cauliflower and chickpea curry I made last week. Well I had plenty of leftovers!

So tonight’s dinner is a delicious Biriani, easy peasy to make.

Cook a mug of Basmati rice to instructions.

I warmed through the left over curry and added a courgette chopped up, some chopped coriander and a squeeze of lemon.

In an oven dish put a layer of rice then a the curry, finish with the remaining rice.

I scattered some coriander over the top and then warmed through in the oven until piping hot.

Served it with lemon wedges and poppadoms.


One of the things I am desperate to achieve is to be able to make a damn good curry! I have made tons but never got them right.
I had some time with just me and little one and decided my mission of the day was to go into town and get the cookery book written by Prashad
My plan was to find the ingredients and then get home and cook myself a delicious curry to enjoy when little one had gone to bed.

Unfortunately I could not find the book! I am going to buy it from Amazon instead. Thanks to the power of blogging I stumbled upon a Prashad recipe which I have reblogged!
I did adapt the recipe for Pea and Cauliflower curry as I wanted to use up an Aubergine! It was truly delicious!


I cannot wait to get my mitts on this book and really try to get to grips with Indian cuisine for good!

Things to do when you are nearly 40

I am 39 nearly the BIG 40 and to keep myself from dwelling on the fact I am choosing to make it a Positive time. It’s a time to DO stuff and GET stuff that I wouldn’t have in normal circumstances. I wanted to eat at River Cottage in Axminster for example. I have now and it was truly Scrumptious .
I have bought us an Old Oval Beetle and I love it.
We recently got some Chickens I really didn’t realise how wonderful they are.
One of the things I have desperately wished I could achieve is to make a signature Curry. I can’t get it right, okay they are edible and tasty but haven’t quite got IT.
Trouble is, there is a part of me now that thinks….I am nearly 40 and I am going to say it how it is to one or two people that have pushed their luck a bit he he. We will see about that one.
Getting this Blog off the ground would be nice too.