Butter bean,Pepper and Basil dip.

And the thrift continues!

Last night i decided to make another soup for lunch today. But being breadless it seemed a little unfilling for lunchon it’s own. However i did find some in date breadsticks and Crackers. Not too keen on crackers and soup, i rummaged a little further…. a tin  of Butter Beans presented themselves too me, and i remembered about that sad and sorry looking Red Pepper. On further inspection i decided it was edible so created the butter bean dip with roasted Garlic and The said red pepper and added some basil…….


1 can of butter beans

1 medium Red Pepper roughly chopped

Olive oil

1 plump garlic clove

6 Fresh Basil leaves

Lemon juice

salt and pepper

Roast the pepper and garlic cloves in olive oil for 20 mins

Rinse the butter beans add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

Chill in the fridge.

So there was lunch, a healthy protein rich dip i probably would add more Basil leaves and garlic if i made it again, it was funny to have a hot mug of homemade soup with a dip and breadsticks and crackers but somehow being the type of person whom loves to pick at food it worked for me!.

I found a third of a cantaloupe melon in the fridge too so we finished that up at the end of our meal.

It is still giving me a great inspiration staying out of the shops and eating food that is in rather than constantly shopping.