Food Banks #dustoffyourflask

I donated to a food bank today, It felt so good to help!
The reason I did it was I have learned to open my eyes and my purse to others. If you don't mind I would like you to click the link AGirlcalledJack
A truly wonderful, credible, inspirational, successful mum whom has opened my eyes to the reality of poverty and how to cope.
Jack blogged her way through the darkness of poverty.
This week Jack inspired me to give up a coffee for £3 and create #22mealsforacoffee

I don't drink coffee! I do drink wine 🙂 I have given up a trip to the pub for a glass of wine!!!!
I donated this to a food bank instead…..

I couldn't adhere to all the shopping items, I am vegetarian and fish paste is not my scene! However in her blog are Vegan recipes etc… This lady is faultless 🙂 (aside from not being a vegetarian)
Interestingly I got upset as I pushed my trolley of food near the food bank.
I felt good as I was giving, I felt bad as I had more.
I put my bulging bag of carefully chosen 'basics' food in an almost empty box named FOOD BANK by the tills in the supermarket
My OH asked me what I was doing, and when I explained that all the food I bought was a 'glass of wines worth' that I could do without….
On the way home we have talked a lot about what £3 buys…
He got it! and sat and analysed the Food in our trolley, or by now being packed into the cubhoards (the irony)
1 coffee
1 Tea
1 wine
1 beer
1 shot
Once a week……will pay for more!