Guardian Angel!

I know I tend to blog about food but essentially it’s about my life.
I had a an experience I would simply like to share, well two in one day!
I commute to work one day of the week and I love the little journey I have along the Devon coast with a small flask of tea! I had been waiting to get a moment to find out about Guardian Angels and had found the few moments on the train to read about them!
I found it fascinating how we have an angel literally waiting to help us in any which way they could and how not to let them help us made them feel redundant!
As my journey progressed I heard the train guard enter and shout to check tickets. I went to the place I put my ticket and it wasn’t there!
I searched my bag and then as the guard came to me I politely asked if he would come back in a moment whilst I searched.
I decided to put my guardian angel to the test and asked it to help me, however I guessed I would need to buy another ticket, I searched one more time and could not find it.
Then the strange thing happened!
I felt tapping on my red DM boots….
I looked down and there was a ticket!!! Not any ticket, my ticket!!!
I was so utterly happy and astonished at the same time!
I have another to tell soon but I have to go and sort baby boy out 🙂