Things to do when you are nearly 40

I am 39 nearly the BIG 40 and to keep myself from dwelling on the fact I am choosing to make it a Positive time. It’s a time to DO stuff and GET stuff that I wouldn’t have in normal circumstances. I wanted to eat at River Cottage in Axminster for example. I have now and it was truly Scrumptious .
I have bought us an Old Oval Beetle and I love it.
We recently got some Chickens I really didn’t realise how wonderful they are.
One of the things I have desperately wished I could achieve is to make a signature Curry. I can’t get it right, okay they are edible and tasty but haven’t quite got IT.
Trouble is, there is a part of me now that thinks….I am nearly 40 and I am going to say it how it is to one or two people that have pushed their luck a bit he he. We will see about that one.
Getting this Blog off the ground would be nice too.