Pots and Pans

I was delving into my pot and pan cupboard and It gave me some thought? and I (lovingly) realised that this pan that I was searching for was seventeen years old….. Holy Moses!
This ‘cherry red pan ‘ is now battered and bruised, the scars of making many comforting meals. however there is one particular dish that this pan has cooked again and again through good times and bad and has been perfected over the years.
I went on holiday and ate in a Mexican eatery ( I was s new Vegetarian abroad) I ordered a funny potato thingy that took ages to cook. It didn’t matter as that’s what holidays are for after all.
I was presented with potatoes dressed In oil with herbs and chilli peppers with 3 different side dips. My taste buds came alive that day.
When I returned home I tried to recreate that dish.
It has been the dish that has stood the test of time. It is the dish my sister and I cook together and nurture together and enjoy. As the years have passed the type of potato to the strength of chilli and the addition of cheese have been changed and the dish gets better but the one thing that never changed was this dear old pan! He he!
I am not going to divulge the recipe yet! Believe me it will require its own forum!!!