Ugh Shopping!!

Yesterday I had to go shopping,and in my mind i thought it was for a few bits only, utilising what i already had in the house planning what to eat but without saying which day to eat it.
I Had a good idea that i might just spend £50. for the weeks food………….. Erm nope i have a lot to learn it seems!!
My shopping came to £99.00.
Am i turning into a meanie I ask? Erm yes I am.
My beat the shops attitude might not be so bad afterall… follows my excuses to how come i spent so much!!

Part of that was three Easter eggs of a costly amount of £11.00 BAH HUMBUG!! And actually there was two bottles of a lovely Red wine for £10.00.

Thus Our food shopping for one week is…£78.00.
That is for 2 adults, one child, one dog and 3 cats!! Is this really so bad i ask?? My fruit bowl and vegetable stock is high i have all the cereals and pastas and rice i need and now I am stocked in bread making flour.
I do not normally ask people about the cost of their weekly shopping, i might start paying attention whilst waiting at the till!!